getting rid of the smell of cat urine

Getting rid of the smell of cat urine used to be hard.

Do not put up with those old pet stains or odours any longer. URE-OUT's formula will seek and destroy the organic matter which is creating the smell that you thought would never go away. 


Whether it's pet urine or feces, sweat-stained sports equipment, or old milk, URE-OUT™ will eliminate all organic waste.           



• Permanently eradicates all organic odours and stains.

• URE-OUT™ continues to break down organic waste for 72 hours after application.

• No more tracking - Animals will not return to their pee spot, as the microbial content completely eliminates any trace of urine.

getting rid of the smell of cat urine

What is the difference between an enzyme cleaner and a microbial cleaner?

The are many enzyme cleaners in the stores.  An enzyme is a chemical cleaner. A chemical cleaners clean the surface of the stain.


URE-OUT™ is a microbial cleaner; it has billions of microbes that do the cleaning for you. When applied to a problem area, the microbes find and attack molecules of the contamination, even in the hardest to reach spots.


It contains no chemicals and is perfectly safe for people and pets.

Cat urine odour removers

What types of stains and odors can URE-OUT™ clean?

Any organic contamination.  Here are some of the most common uses for URE-OUT™:

• Urine

• Vomit

• Milk

• Skunk spray

• Coffee

• Tobacco smoke

• Mould

• Mildew

• Sweat/perspiration

• Food

• Blood


Want to learn more about URE-OUT™? Visit our FAQ page.

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