No need to worry about the mess.

How does it work?

URE-OUT™ is tough on smell.

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What can URE-OUT™ add your life?

What is URE-OUT™? 

URE-OUT™ is an effective cleaner for all biological messes. Its microbes attack the stain, whether it's pet urine or feces, sweat-stained sports equipment, or mildewing milk, and eliminate both the stain and the odour. 

How does it work?

URE-OUT™  works through the process of biological conversion. The micro-organisms in URE-OUT™  ingest the waste material and breaks it down into carbon dioxide and water. After 72 hours or when the food source is gone (oragnic matter), the microbes die off. This process removes the odour causing particles instead of just masking them with scents. It is safe to use on all surfaces and is non-harmful to both pets and humans alike.

We are proud to of the fact that URE-OUT™ is a Canadian made product!