URE-OUT™ - The Process December 21 2017

URE-OUT™ uses microbes to digest the molecules of the mess. The process that these microbes go through to consume the contaminants is known as the Krebs Cycle.

The Krebs Cycle Simplified:

The natural pollutant (in this case urine, sweat, food stains, etc) gets introduced to the specifically designed microbes (URE-OUT™). This starts a chemical reaction known as Aerobic Respiration in which the microbe uses oxygen to digest the food source and releases a combination of water, carbon dioxide and other organic materials.

In our case the microbes will remain stagnant until they are activated using water. Since the microbes are living, this will ensure your URE-OUT™ concentrate will have a long shelf life.

This process is completely natural and is an environmentally safe alternative for cleaning small or large scale messes.

URE-OUT Uses December 12 2017

Customer Feedback March 24 2017

Here is some feedback we received from a customer via our Facebook messenger. 

Thank you SO MUCH! This product is great! My epileptic Beagle has some bladder issues during seizures, which can be a challenge to clean, especially on a fairly regular basis. Thanks to URE-Out, clean up is easy, effective and odor-free, and I can concentrate on better caring for the special needs pup that rules our roost!

I've used URE-Out in our carpet shampooer, the SpotBot pet as well as spray-on applications for quick clean up. The fact that there's absolutely NO odor after treatment is a bloomin' miracle!

Again, I thank you for such a great product!


New Puppy vs New Car May 18 2016

The story of a road trip, a new car, and a new puppy with URE-OUT.

How I became convinced! June 20 2014

Today, I wanted to share one of the reasons why I believe in URE-OUT so much that I decided to make it my business!

I have two indoor cats.  Here they are -- the cutest, most intelligent cats ever!


Although I scooped my kitty litter daily and completely changed out the litter 2 or 3 times per week, I still smelled a terrible odour in my litter box. I was also concerned about the cost of cat litter and the amount that was being sent to the landfill every week. (And, I am sure my garbage man hated me!)  

I tried everything; even trying different types of litter boxes, but nothing really worked. It got to the point where I could smell my litter box whenever I walked into my house.  I am ashamed to admit my feelings towards my cats even started to change. 

When I started using URE-OUT in my litterbox the odor simply vanished!  Now I just spend a few mins scooping my litter, then I spray on URE-OUT and leave it.  When it's time to add more litter I just scoop, spray, then add more litter and spray again.  Read more on cleaning your litter box. 

Not only is is safe for my cats, but I don't have to change out my kitty litter nearly as often. Sometimes, it's okay for 8 or 9 months! Months!

And the REAL benefit is that I love my wonderful cats again without reservation! 

- Lana 

Co-owner of URE-OUT!

"Try URE-OUT today!" One customer story May 19 2014


One of our customers, Kevin, shares his story about URE-OUT and his super cute dog, Zuzu.

Our rescue dog Zuzu is getting older and has taken to hiding in the closet and occasionally peeing in one corner when she loses control or doesn't want to go out. It was a smelly problem, but we didnt want to use a harsh chemical that might add to her health problems.

Now that we use URE-OUT, the urine odor is gone! The first time we tackled the stain, we soaked the rug a few times for a deeper clean. But now when an accident happens, we only need a quick spray and wipe to clean the area. It's great to know that we're cleaning the carpet, getting rid of the smell, and protecting Zuzu's health. Try it!

Do you have a story about using URE-OUT that you'd like to share? Please give us a shout on Facebook and we'd love to feature it!



We have launched! April 02 2014

Welcome! We're so excited to launch our store!

Why choose our product?

Ure-Out is safe and incredibly effective cleaner for eliminating biological or organic stains and odor. It's safe for your pets and other loved ones so you can use it everywhere.

Buy during our grand opening for a special deal!

Those of you who buy in our first few months have a special package deal! We are offering a free 125 mL ready-to-use spray bottle with every order. Even if you're ordering the 125 mL bottle, we'll ship you 2! 

We'd love to hear from you toll free at 877-288-3787 or write us help[a]

 - Lana