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How I became convinced!

Today, I wanted to share one of the reasons why I believe in URE-OUT so much that I decided to make it my business!

I have two indoor cats.  Here they are -- the cutest, most intelligent cats ever!


Although I scooped my kitty litter daily and completely changed out the litter 2 or 3 times per week, I still smelled a terrible odour in my litter box. I was also concerned about the cost of cat litter and the amount that was being sent to the landfill every week. (And, I am sure my garbage man hated me!)  

I tried everything; even trying different types of litter boxes, but nothing really worked. It got to the point where I could smell my litter box whenever I walked into my house.  I am ashamed to admit my feelings towards my cats even started to change. 

When I started using URE-OUT in my litterbox the odor simply vanished!  Now I just spend a few mins scooping my litter, then I spray on URE-OUT and leave it.  When it's time to add more litter I just scoop, spray, then add more litter and spray again.  Read more on cleaning your litter box. 

Not only is is safe for my cats, but I don't have to change out my kitty litter nearly as often. Sometimes, it's okay for 8 or 9 months! Months!

And the REAL benefit is that I love my wonderful cats again without reservation! 

- Lana 

Co-owner of URE-OUT!