New Puppy vs New Car

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New Puppy vs New Car

Sherlock is the newest member of my sister's family. He's a German shorthaired pointer, full of energy, love, and big brown liquid eyes.

AND Energy! Did I mention energy? 

Sherlock enjoying the car safely.

Sherlock arrived about 2 weeks after the new car and about a month before the family had a road trip planned. Can you see where this is going? Yup, it went there, or more accurately, he went there. As you can imagine, he went there more than once.


My sister was worried because, being on a road trip, she didn't have any Ure-Out handy, so his accidents had a chance to really soak in to the carpet over a number of days.

So much for that new car smell! 

When the family got back home, she immediately grabbed the spray bottle and soaked the car mats, the floor of the car, and sprayed down the seats as well for good measure.

The results were immediately effective, even after so many days.

And as a bonus, the new car smell is back, too!

- Seana