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Cleaning Sports Equipment!

Everyone who has played hockey will be able to recognize the unmistakable odour of hockey equipment. It is one of those smells that your mind will never fully forget. Thankfully since we have created URE-OUT there is a solution to the putrid aroma that follows the equipment around. 

Step by step guide:

1) Put the hockey equipment into the washer. Add a cap full of URE-OUT concentrate and start a cycle. After the cycle has begun and the water has begun to flow pause the washing machine and allow the equipment to soak with the microbes overnight.

2) The next morning add another cap full of concentrate into the washer and begin a cycle. This time allow the full wash cycle to run.

3) After the cycle has completed take that equipment out and allow it to air dry. Hang up larger pieces of gear to ensure drying process goes smoothly.


Here is a video from our Facebook page demonstrating the process with hockey gloves:


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