URE-OUT™ Microbial Cleaner Ready to Use

Do not put up with those old pet stains or odours any longer. URE-OUT's formula will seek and destroy the organic matter that is creating the smell that you thought would never go away. 


Whether it's pet urine or feces, sweat-stained sports equipment, or old milk, URE-OUT™ will eliminate all organic waste.           



• Permanently eliminate all organic odours and stains.

• The product continues to break down organic waste for 72 hours after application.

• No more tracking - Animals will not return to their pee spot, as the microbial content completely eliminates any trace of urine.

• Canadian made product.

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For any order exceeding $40 Canadian! Only valid in Canada.

 If you are ordering URE-OUT™, please be aware the product contains millions of live microorganisms. If the package is left outside on a sub-zero day the product will become less effective. We advise that you use an address where someone will be present to bring your package inside promptly.