URE-OUT™ Microbial Cleaner (700mL Packages)

A specially formulated microbial cleaner in a ready to use format. This product permanently removes a wide range of organic waste, stains, and odours. It is safe to use around both people and pets. The product is safe to use on any surface.

How does it work?

URE-OUT works through the process of biological conversion. The micro-organisms in URE-OUT ingest the waste material and breaks it down into carbon dioxide and water. After 72 hours or when the food source is gone (organic waste), the microbes die off. This process removes the odour causing particles instead of just masking them with scents.

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 If you are ordering URE-OUT™, please be aware the product contains millions of live microorganisms. If the package is left outside on a sub-zero day the product will become less effective. We advise that you use an address where someone will be present to bring your package inside promptly.