Cleaning Sports Gear

SPORTS Professional hockey and football teams have used this product for years to clean and deodorize sports equipment.  Also works well on work boots or smelly shoes, baseball caps, any material with that "locker" smell. 
Sports Tech ‘Wicking’ Fabric
The new sports tech 'wicking' fabrics can be a challenge clean safely and to minimize the effects of washing machines. Repeated washing in standard washing machines and dryers can drastically shorten the life of these amazing new fabrics.  These new synthetic fibres are great for wicking perspiration away from your skin while you are exercising; however, they can pose an odor problem once you get home.
For most effective cleaning on clothing that can be washed:
1) Add 75mL of URE-OUT to 4L of warm water (2oz to 1 Gallon)
2) Let item soak for about an hour.  
3) Rinse and hang to dry.  
That's it! Next morning your clothes are ready and waiting for you - without the locker smell!
URE-OUT can also be used in the clothes washer.  
1) Add 75mL/2oz of URE-OUT to the wash with NO detergent or fabric softener.  
2) When washing is complete, hang item to dry.
For items that cannot be washed:
1) Simply mist URE-OUT with our handy spray bottle. Whether it's your pads, shoes or gloves etc, mist the item and leave it on.  
2) URE-OUT will continue to work for up to 3 days.  
Hockey/Sports Bags:
Mist URE-OUT throughout the inside of the bag and on equipment after every use.
FAQs Sports
How does URE-OUT work on my sports gear?
URE-OUT deep cleans without deteriorating the structure of the fabric (or gear). Once URE-OUT comes in contact with your equipment, billions of tiny microbes attack the dirt, sweat, germs, odor-causing molecules, and any other residue on the fabrics and deep cleans everything away. These microbes keep on working for up to 3 days removing all traces of organic materials, and it converts them into harmless gases (oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide) - effectively eliminating all odors and residue
What type of sports gear can I clean with URE-OUT?
URE-OUT will clean and deodorize sports equipment that can't be washed in the normal way - pads, skates, cleats, shoes, and equipment bags as well as any clothing, towels etc.  
How often can I use URE-OUT on my gear?
It is safe to use URE-OUT every time you use your gear!