Litterbox Cleaning

URE-OUT is incredibly effective at eliminating and preventing litter box odor.

URE-OUT microbes digest and eliminate cat urine and feces odour quickly and safely. Nobody will smell your litter box again!

Also, you save time, effort and money, because you change your cat litter far less frequently.

Follow our simple directions and try it for yourself.


The first time you use URE-OUT™:

  1) Clean out your litter box thoroughly. Empty it and rinse it out. 
  2) Spray the interior sides and bottom of the box with URE-OUT.
  3) Refill as usual.
  4) Mist about 6 to 8 pumps over the fresh litter.

Ongoing Maintenance

Daily - When you add more litter, mist the existing litter, add more litter and mist again.

About 6 months - You will notice that it's time to change out the litter when the litter box doesn't smell as fresh as it has been.  Depending on the number of cats you have, this could even be 6+ months! 

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